15 November 2021

Approved repairers – should you use them?

If you’ve had an accident and your vehicle needs repairing most insurers will ask you to use one of their approved repairers. But should you follow their advice? You are not bound to follow their suggestion, but be careful : you may face an increased excess is you go outside of the insurer’s network of… Read More

4 October 2021

The Motor Insurance Database – A Beginner’s Guide

What’s the most frequently asked question our helpdesk receives? By some distance it’s the MID. So here’s our essential guide to all things related to the Motor Insurance Database – enjoy!   The MID is a record of all vehicles insured in the UK – it’s mission is “to ensure that vehicles driven on our… Read More

5 September 2021

We don’t do annual insurance (but we know someone who does)…

Zoomcover is all about great value temporary motor insurance for drivers who need the flexibility and convenience of our on-demand car insurance. We believe our products perfectly suit the changing needs of consumers (eg. the sharing economy, flexible working hours, WFH) and we’ll continue to develop further innovations to meet these changing needs – that’s… Read More

23 August 2021

Zoomcover Newsletter #1

Starting up a business is tough at the best of times – but in the middle of a pandemic? It’s certainly not been plain sailing, but with the support of all our customers and our partners, we now find ourselves entering our 2nd year! We’ve plenty more great-value, easy-to-access insurance products in our plans, so… Read More