So the car you’ve borrowed breaks down – what do you do?

You may well need some help from a recovery service, but have you got that cover on the car you’re borrowing?

And does the owner’s breakdown cover (if they have any?) extend to cover additional drivers?

Rather than trying to resolve this tricky questions whilst you’re potentially sitting by the side of the road in a car that won’t go, we decided to take some action to remove this problem.

Here at Zoomcover we’re always trying to improve our products and services, so we’re delighted to announce that with immediate effect ALL ZOOMCOVER POLICIES NOW INCLUDE FREE BREAKDOWN COVER.

This means that if the car you’re driving under a Zoomcover policy breaks down more than a quarter-of-a-mile from your home address, we will cover up to one hour of roadside assistance, and transport for you and the car to the nearest repairer (within 20 miles) if the fault can’t be fixed at the scene.

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