Zutobi have carried out some fantastic research to identify the best (and worst!) cities to take your driving test in.

The best city for provisional licence holders is Warrington. Amazingly it has a 54% pass rate with 55% of learners passing first time, which is the highest anywhere across the UK.

In second spot is Bournemouth with a 52.8% pass rate. This is no real surprise as it also has the safest roads to drive on, with just 50 accidents per 100,000 people. Northampton is on the other end of the scale with close to 500 accidents per 100,000 people.

Bolton was the third best city to pass your driving test in, with a 52% overall pass rate and 53% passing first time.

The worst city to learn to drive in was Leeds, with only 34% of learners passing. Luton and Birmingham were the next worst with an overall pass rate of 36%. All 3 of these cities are also in the top 10 least safe places to drive.

But whichever test centre you choose, research shows that the more practise you get the more likely you are to pass. That’s where Zoomcover can help: with our Zoomcover Learner Borrowed Car insurance you can get insured whilst you practise driving in a car that belongs to family or friends without jeopardising their insurance arrangements.

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The best cities to pass your driving test first time are…

And the worst cities are… 





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