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Zoomcover Car Share Insurance
Zoomcover Temporary Insurance
Zoomcover Top Up Cover
Zoomcover Business Use Only Insurance
Zoomcover Impounded Vehicle Insurance

Zoomcover Car Share Insurance

If you’ve got a Full UK licence and want to borrow a vehicle that’s already insured then this product can help.

Great value comprehensive cover, available from 1 hour to 28 days.

Prices start from £7 per hour, £11 per day, £90 per month.

Perfect for:

  • borrowing an insured vehicle from family/friends
  • sharing driving on a long trip
  • borrowing a larger car to move a piece of furniture

Zoomcover Temporary Insurance

Available to drivers with a Full UK licence.

In either Owned or Borrowed cars.

Comprehensive cover with an Excess from £250 to £1000 (your Excess will be clearly shown in your quotation).

Choose your duration: from 1 hour to 28 days.

Prices start from £10 for 1 hour, £15 for 1 day, £120 for 1 month.

Perfect for:

  • taking a test drive in a car you’re hoping to buy
  • buying a few days cover whilst you sell a car
  • borrowing a car for a few hours/days/weeks

Zoomcover Top Up Cover

Got a full licence and your own insurance policy and want to borrow a car?

If you have Driving Other Cars cover on your own policy it will typically provide Third Party Only cover on the borrowed car.

Our innovative policy will sit alongside this Third Party cover and provide Vehicle Damage only cover.

So that the two policies will dovetail, between them giving you comprehensive cover.

Prices start from £4 per hour, £8 per day, £40 per month

Perfect for:

  • making sure you’re fully insured if you borrow a car

Zoomcover Business Use Only Insurance

If you’ve:

  • got a Full UK licence and your own car
  • and you’re insured for Social Domestic and Pleasure Use, and maybe Commuting,
  • but you need a day or a few days Occasional Business Use

then this could be the answer.

Our policy sits alongside your annual policy and provides Comprehensive cover just whilst you use the vehicle for business.

Once the business use has finished, cover reverts back to the annual insurer.

Prices start from £5 per hour, £8 per day, £60 per month

Perfect for:

  • attending an external training course, seminar or site visit
  • drivers who work from home but occasionally visit clients/suppliers

Zoomcover Impounded Vehicle Insurance

If the worst happens and you find your vehicle impounded, you need to move quickly.

Our Impounded Vehicle Insurance can be arranged online in minutes and provides 28 days of Third Party Only cover.

Giving you time to remove your vehicle from the impound and to put more permanent insurance arrangements in place.

Prices start from £250 for 28 days.

Perfect for:

  • getting your car out of the compound quickly and easily

Our Insurer

Zoomcover are delighted to be working in partnership with ERS – please see

ERS are the UK’s largest specialist motor insurer with an A+ rating from Lloyds and have been providing motor insurance in the UK for over 70 years.

ERS will underwrite all of Zoomcover’s products and handle claims through their claims hotline – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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