There was great excitement at Zoomcover HQ this week – caused by the arrival of our first ever Zoomcover-branded clothing.

Zoomcover director Karen takes up the story…

“Everyone has a favourite hoodie, but unfortunately mine was 10 years old and carried a competitor’s logo! Rather than promoting the opposition, or taking a Sharpy to it (which did cross my mind!), we decided to get some of our own. We always use local suppliers whenever we can, and Buccaneer in Northwich did a great job for us. Luckily it’s a nice warm one too for this cold weather! I know it’s only a hoodie, but we’ve worked really hard over the last couple of years to build the Zoomcover brand, and it’s lovely to see that brand continuing to develop from a concept into something tangible. Thank you to all the customers who have supported us so far, and Merry Christmas to all!”



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