What Is An Excess?

All motor insurance policies have an Excess, this is the amount that you must pay if you have a claim.

Do I Still Have To Pay The Excess If The Accident Is Not My Fault?

Yes you do. If you are blameless in the accident (for example your car has been hit whilst parked and you have the details of the driver responsible and their insurance company) then you may be able to recover your excess from the third party. But beware : this can be problematic and time consuming process.

How Is An Excess Paid?

When you make a motor insurance claim your car will usually be fixed by a repairer in the insurer’s preferred network (these are repairers who have been approved by the insurer and who are regularly audited to make sure the quality of their work is up to standard).

When the repairs are complete and the repairer contacts you to let you know your vehicle is available for collection, they will not release your vehicle until you have paid the excess. Once you have paid your excess the repairer will give you a receipt confirming that you’ve paid your excess.

What Is Zoomcover Excess Protection Insurance?

The easiest way to think of Excess Protection is as a separate insurance policy that covers your Excess.

How Does Zoomcover Excess Protection Work?

When we display the premium for your Zoomcover Temporary Insurance cover, you will be given the option to buy Zoomcover Excess Protection. This option is only available at the time you buy one of our core temporary insurance products, it is not possible to add it on later.

If you do choose to buy it, you will have an extra layer of protection : in the event of a claim, you will collect your repaired vehicle and pay out your Excess as described above – but then, when you send a copy of your receipt to the contact details included with the Zoomcover Excess Protection policy your Excess will be reimbursed in full, subject to the policy limits. It’s as simple as that!

Do I Have To Buy It?

No. We are offering this product as we believe it is a valuable optional extra that will appeal to some customers but not to all  – it’s completely up to you whether or not you choose to take up the option.

How Much Does Zoomcover Excess Protection Cost?

A lot less than you might think! The cost depends on how much cover you need and how long you need it for, but here are some typical examples:

  • £250 Excess Protection for 1 Day : £1.34, 3 Days : £2.91, 7 days : £5.86
  • £500 Excess Protection for 1 Day : £1.51, 3 Days : £3.38, 7 days : £6.92

What Types Of Claim Does Excess Protection Cover?

It covers all the major incidents where a customer is potentially out of pocket after paying an excess – including road traffic accidents, fire, theft, attempted damage and vandalism.

What If I Am Involved In A Non-Fault Claim And I Can’t Recover My Excess From The Party Responsible?

Great news : Zoomcover Excess Protection can also be used in a non-fault claim provided the third party has failed to reimburse the policyholder excess after 6 months.

What Is Not Covered?

-Any claim that your motor policy does not respond to or the excess is not exceeded.

-Any claim that is refused under your motor policy.

-Any claim where the motor vehicle is being used:

  1.  For commercial use, business use class 3 or hire and reward unless your motor vehicle has been declared a BUSINESS CAR, COMMERCIAL VEHICLE or a TAXI.
  2.  For any purpose in connection with the motor trade.
  3.  In any competition, trial, performance test, race or trial of speed, including off-road events, whether between motor vehicles or otherwise, and irrespective of whether this takes place on any circuit or track, formed or otherwise, and regardless of any statutory authorisation of any such event.

-Any claim under your motor policy which occurred prior to the Period of Insurance as shown on your Statement of Insurance that You were aware was an imminent claim

-Any claim notified to Us more than 31 days following the settlement of your claim under your motor policy.

-Any contribution or deduction from the settlement of Your claim against your motor policy other than the stated policy excess, for which you have been made liable.

-Any claim arising from breakdown or mis fuel.

-Any claim arising from glass repair or replacement


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